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Within the thirties of the twentieth century I was born. It happened in the month of May, a month of flowers, the centre  of the spring, therefore my parents begot me during the previous month of August, month of warmth and rest. From that moment I felt in the core of my being a boiling and confused puzzle: men die.

Today, in the twentieth first century, as a consequence of years past in growing up, I remain as puzzled and troubled as ever. However, it has become less confused, more clear and evident than when I was a child. This is because experiencing observations since I felt the existence in the flesh taught me that this body, where I exist and from where I contemplate the world, by necessity, is going to die.

This is my evident contemplation, now much more clear and neat: the human beings that surround me, when they die, they can say nothing. Up to the moment of their death they could say something, even that they were dying. From that unique moment, equal for all, there is only silence.

Now, my compelling quest makes me feel restless. During the  years of youth, even during those of maturity, with so many pressures to survive, I took heed of the future. Today the future is so short while the past bursts with memories. The present presses the question, and, its answer, the future, is puzzling: This is called



When, after many years, I  met a beloved girl-friend of my youth and she, responding to my eager enquires on her past, described the passing of her dear father, who, in that unique moment of good-bye, addressed to her his last words:

"Child, ...I'll see you in the eternity!"

This father had been, as most men were in my youth, a baptized Christian, but that was all, visiting the church rarely, when the family usually go together...because it was the custom of going to church. He lived for his family and the profession he had follow for many years. He enjoyed a pint at the local pub, a chat with friends, a game of billiards... His was a busy, useful, ...fruitful life. For many years he took heed of the future, ...while the interrogative quest accrued and the puzzle urged, finally it swelled and burst to become that last and unique moment. The quest was transformed, at last, into one simple, glaring expression, grave with meaning:


"Child, ...I'll see you in the eternity!"


"Eternity," a perplexing word, I would say, since no one of those who have gone there has returned to tell. However there was somebody who took the trouble to come down from it to inform us how to arrive at it, if we take the trouble to direct our look towards it:

In all truth I tell you,

we speak only about what we know and witness only what we have seen ...

No one has gone up to heaven except the one who came down from heaven,

the Son of man; that every one who believes may have ETERNAL LIFE in him.

For this is how God loved the world:

He gave his only Son so that everyone who believes in Him may not perish but may have


(Jn. 3 11-16)


Therefore, friend, who surfs on this net of communication, open with us this window and share with us breathing the air that comes from

The Eternity!




Yours friend and companion on the ROAD,

THE EDITOR, Protopresbyter Kyrillos.


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